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This is a protected domain.

Please note: we are aware of an increasing number of websites attempting to sell fake degrees or products using names similar to ours, and websites whose URLs match our name displaying lists of links to various commercial or other sites or redirecting you to advertising sites. You may have arrived here while searching for such a website. Our official website is, and always has been http://www.leeds.ac.uk/. We also maintain several official international portals. In addition, we maintain a number of other names which are variants of our name University of Leeds, Leeds University etc. in order to protect their use - for example the one you visited to reach this page.

Fake services which have been uncovered range from sites offering to sell degrees, to more complex sites which offer a degree validation service. Sites carrying out this allegedly fraudulent activity often attempt to make a name similar to ours, for example University of Leeds, Panama, and University of Central Leeds, neither of which exist as physical universities. In some cases we have evidence of fake degree certificates produced by organisations such as these which carry a reference number - when you visit the fakers website this number will reveal an attempt to validate the fake degree. We do not do this, degrees are validated by our central student support. If anyone is handed such a degree certificate or transcript for any purpose please send a copy to the University Webmaster, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT, UK or preferably e-mail to webmaster@leeds.ac.uk and we will investigate. Similarly, if anyone is offered degree courses in our name and it is not obviously from a leeds.ac.uk address please copy any communications to the above address.

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